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Wild & Crazy Art Project #2

Posted by lindasummersposey on September 8, 2010 at 6:28 AM

Recently, I learned about yet another wild & crazy art project on Facebook. This one is an art contest sponsored by Sell My Art!

I'm sure you know how many art contests are out there, and most of them charge a hefty fee to enter. This one, however, was free. Lots of art contests have no prizes at all, but this one did. In fact, while the value of the prizes - a customized fan page and some social media and marketing training - seems a bit inflated to me, they are potentially quite valuable.

What's not to like? I figured even if I lost, I'd still gain some good exposure for my work.

I'm usually not a competitive person, but this contest spoke to me, and I decided to enter. I picked the painting that's been getting the most favorable comments from other artists, as well as from gallerists and art consultants who've seen it. I went to the contest's fan page and found it easy to enter, as promised.

Now that I'm in, I really want to win. Why not? My art compares favorably to the other entries. Goodness knows, since founding Artists Alive & Well, I've developed a heck of a network. I shouldn't have any trouble drumming up votes. Plus, you can vote once a day. Some of my more loyal supporters might actually?be willing to do that.

I also wanted this experience to be fun, so I set up my participation in the contest as a game and invited?pretty much everyone I know, especially my Facebook friends, to play along. I'm sending out lots of messages encouraging them to vote for me.

Here's how my message?would go if I were sending it to YOU, my blog fans:


Please play the WIN the Sell My Art? Contest game with me!

I'm in an online art contest with some pretty cool prizes that I want to win to advance my art career. Please go to the following link and vote for me anytime between now and September 24 (You have to be a Facebook member, sign on to FB, then LIKE the contest's Facebook page and click the green VOTE box beside my painting - it's quick and painless!):


My painting is called Dimensions. Here's what it looks like (an image is attached to my message - see my art gallery page for the image):

What's in it for YOU? - If YOU? -? If I win, I promise to blog about as many of?the great social media and marketing strategies I learn via the contest?prizes as I can without violating copyright.

Vote soon and often - even daily (You'll be at your computer messing with emails anyway, right??:-) ) - and invite all your friends and family to vote!

UPDATE: I just learned that the top entry has more than 100 votes, and there are 10 in contention for the top 3 prizes. I'm about #22 on the page of MOST VOTES, but I don't know if that's an accurate reflection of my overall ranking.?I'm sure I'm well within reach of one of those prizes - with a little help from you! Besides, who's more hard-working and deserving than MOI?!?

So please DO vote for me every chance you get between now and 9/24 - and share this message with all your friends and family!


THANKS for your support.

That's the message about voting for my artwork in the contest - NOW, here's the message for you: Don't be shy about entering contests or participating in auctions or other events that can serve as?useful tools for promoting your art. Even if not much of your art gets seen during such events, it could be seen by a lot of people. I have no idea how many?folks will see my art as a direct result of the contest. But I'm sure hundreds will have a chance to see one of my creations because of all the drum-beating I'm doing to get people to vote for me.

Of course, do your homework. If there's a fee or if you have to ship your artwork off to Timbuktu (not recommended!), you'll have to decide whether it's worth it.?But if you can enter and make your participation fun, as I'm doing with the Sell My Art! contest, I'd say go for it. The art collector or gallery owner you've been waiting for just might see your promotion for the event and get in touch.



THANKS for your support.

Happy creating,





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