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Wild & Crazy Art Projects #1

Posted by lindasummersposey on September 7, 2010 at 1:24 AM Comments comments (2)

My Art Is in a Show in FRANCE!


Here's how it happened: I saw an online request for postcard-sized art for an exhibit in a restaurant in Rouen, France (actually in a nearby town with a long name). OK, the restaurant is in a JAIL, the exhibit organizer said, but what the heck. Hopefully, it's in a former jail. Regardless, how else am I going to get myself in an art show in FRANCE... for free... at this stage in my career?!?! I immediately decided to enter. Why? More on that later.


Since the venue is a restaurant, they asked for food-related art. I chose the Texas peach as my theme. Easier to draw than barbeque, right? I also decided to make my piece look as much like an old-fashioned postcard as I could. I painted, I glued, I textured, I shipped it off and – VOILA! – now my art is on display in France. After the exhibit ends, it will be added to the restaurant's PERMANENT collection. Lah-di-da, s'il vous plait!


See below for an image of the postcard. To see the whole exhibit: http://www.facebook.com/linda.s.posey#!/photo.php?pid=187535&id=100000825422919&ref=fbx_album  - Enjoy! :-) (FYI – the "fuzz" on the peach is… dryer lint and carefully applied paint!)


Why did I bother?: I won't get paid for this piece of art. As far as I know, the works aren't even for sale. I just donated my little painting to the restaurant's "permanent collection." And even while it's on display, it's in France for pity's sake, thousands of miles away from where I know a single solitary art collector. Why did I bother?


First of all, for the fun of it. Period. I succeeded at that.


Second, this was a challenge to my creativity, although a small one. Nevertheless, I wanted to see if I could create something that would embody the theme, be fun to create, and be different (in a good way!) from the pieces already showing up on the Facebook page for the exhibit. I feel like I succeeded at that goal too.


Third, I wanted to be able to say I'd been in an art exhibit in France! What better conversation starter for an artist that saying you have work in an art show and a private collection in France. That aspect has been a success too. I've emailed friends, written about the show on Faceboook, and talked about it at one of my networking groups. And the story gets a smile or a laugh - and a lot of genuine "Congratulations," "Atta girl," and "Go for it!" comments.


Finally, it'll look great on my resume. WHAT? This tiny little piece of art in this tiny little show? YES. Anything creative I do is fodder for my resume. The next time I update my bio, this exhibit will definitely be included.


Furthermore, if I can't get some publicity for doing this, I'm just not trying. Already it's given me fodder for my blog! The next media release I send out... you guessed it. The "Diner a la c'art" show will either be the theme of my PR, or it'll be prominently mentioned in the release.


Why do you need to know about this?: As an artist, I encourage you to expand your horizons as I have. 

  • What do you consider legitimate outlets for your art? What kinds of exhibits or contests are you willing to enter? Unless you're selling your every creation for top dollar, those less prestigious outlets might open the door to some new opportunity or at the very least add to your resume in an interesting way.
  • When was the last time you created a silly, frivolous or "small" piece just for the fun of it? When was the last time you deliberately gave up the notion of creating "great" art or even saleable art - and created something just because you wanted to? If your art isn't fun or if you're not creating something just for your own satisfaction at least part of the time, you're missing one of the best possibilities - if not THE best - of your art career.
  • When was the last time you took on a creative challenge, even a small one, that took you outside your usual style or genre or image of yourself as an artist? Again, if you don't to that once in a while, you're limiting your potential growth as an artist. After all, if I can make peach fuzz out of dryer lint, who knows what I'm capable of creatively!
  • When was the last time you had your art on display in France? If you're a regular on the French art scene, more power to you. If not, why not try the unusual, the outrageous, the downright playful to get your foot in the door.

Happy creating -


The FUN of Letting the World Know - Publicity for My Work

Posted by lindasummersposey on August 2, 2010 at 4:51 PM Comments comments (1)

Being an artist is fun. Period. Personally, I don't need any other justification than that for what I do.


And being an artist is MORE fun when I can share the fun with others.

  • Sometimes that comes from showing my work.
  • Often it comes from talking about my work to anyone who will listen. (Thanks to my patient friends!) :)
  • Sometimes it comes from selling a painting.
  • Often I share the fun by participating with my artists' support network, Artists Alive & Well (http://www.ArtistsAliveandWell.com). 
  • Occasionally, I get to share the fun of an acknowledgement of some kind.

Today's fun: Sharing the article that appeared in yesterday's Houston Chronicle (Memorial/Spring Branch section) about my art and about Artists Alive & Well. Here's the link to the online version: http://bit.ly/b02UNF. If you go there, please leave a comment -- that way I'll know that you shared the fun I experienced when it was published. I also suspect that your comments will help the talented author of the article, Kim Morgan (http://www.kimberlywrites.net), impress her boss.


Here's one more way to SHARE THE FUN WITH ME: Please visit our current Artists Alive & Well exhibit and don't miss the closing reception:

Artists Alive & Well Summerview Exhibit

Through August 20, 10AM-6PM, M-F

Closing Reception, Friday, August 20, 4-6PM

Phoenix Tower, 9th Floor Sky Lobby

3200 Southwest Freeway (at Buffalo Speedway)

Meet the artists, refreshments and FUN!

(Free parking if leaving after 6PM -- enter parking garage visitors area from US59 access road)


THANKS for sharing the fun I have being an artist! I invite you to share the fun of bringing out your own creativity with me.


Happy creating -- Linda