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Linda's Art & Jewelry Featured in 12/10-12/11 Holiday Extravaganza Show

Linda Summers Posey will show her Jewelry, Art and Holiday Greeting Cards at:  

9th Annual Christmas Extravaganza 

Fri., December 9, 2011, NOON-5PM
Sat. and Sun., December 10 & 11, 2011, 10AM-5PM 
The Market Place 
10910 Katy Freeway
(just west of Sam Houston Tollway at Brittmoore) 
Houston, TX 77043

You’ll love Linda’s fun/funky hand-crafted jewelry, colorful fine art paintings and prints, and gorgeous holiday cards featuring her fine art prints! (see sample greeting card above)

This show features a huge variety of fine arts and crafts by many outstanding artists. Great place to find all those PERFECT, AFFORDABLE last-minute gifts! Plus you’ll meet the artists – and BUY LOCAL!  

Thanks for helping to spread the word! I look forward to seeing you there.  

Happy Holidays & Happy Creating - Linda

Linda Summers Posey - Artist's Statement  

While I have experienced a lot of joy as a writer, I became an artist to play with my self-expression more freely. Painting and designing jewelry give me opportunities to create nonverbally - in a new language, as it were, that feels fresh and personal.

I love the creative process of experimenting with color, line, shape and texture. Each piece is an adventure for me, taking me out of space-time and into an unknown world.

My artistic goal is to freely express all that is possible for me as a human being. I hope my work generates in viewers a sense of their own possibilities. If I inspire one person to reach for their own creativity, then I’ve succeeded as an artist.

I live in the Houston area with my husband of 40 years and our 3 cats.

About Linda's "Galactic Art"

Years ago, I caught my husband’s love of astronomy. But stargazing isn’t an easy hobby to pursue in Houston, so I set my imagination loose on the cosmos. The result is a series of paintings that, for me at least, evoke the grandeur of the galaxy but in a fanciful way.

I’m having fun designing constellations my way. Why not? Most real constellations bear little resemblance to the animals or people they represent. So why shouldn't I make up my own starscapes?

I didn’t want to reproduce real galaxies and constellations. The Hubble Telescope handles that so well. I’d much rather make up something you might find in a galaxy far, far away. So I invented the “Heart of the Universe,” “Love Galaxy” and “Red Sky at Night” – to name just a few of my star-studded creations.

I'm also a former chemist and a big science fiction fan. Painting galaxies satisfies my need to keep in touch with those left-brain pursuits that still call to me.

About Linda's "Ike Art"

The day after Hurricane Ike, I looked out at the branches, leaves, even whole trees filling the streets of our neighborhood. Many huge trees had been uprooted, and several had landed on my neighbors' homes. I'd never seen so much destruction caused by Mother Nature.

I felt the horror of the moment, knowing that many communities were far worse off than ours. And I instantly realized that I had a choice - I could see destruction or I could see some positive possibility.

The first thought that came to my mind was: Art materials! I went out into the neighborhood to gather the bounty Ike had given me - a whole new set of tools. The resulting “Ike Art” paintings are created using pine needles, oak leaves, lichens, moss, etc. as my brushes and patterns. It’s very satisfying to create something so colorful and beautiful from bits of that destruction.

See You at My Big Solo Art/Jewelry Show on 10/29!

You are eagerly, magnetically, delightedly invited to:

Senior Moments: Creativity Keeps You Young! -- Linda Summers Posey’s Solo Art/Jewelry Exhibit & Birthday Bash

(Halloween costumes WELCOME, but not required!)


  • BONUS GIFT: Bring a friend & you receive an additional 20% off the LOW sale price on your 1st art or jewelry purchase.
  • Art for every budget – colorful, fun contemporary art originals AND economical hi-resolution prints of popular pieces.
  • Feast your senses – on fine art AND my fun and funky, one-of-a-kind jewelry.
  • Revel in goodies – good food, good wine and the company of good friends, old (but thinking young!) and new.  

RSVP today: LSPosey@earthlink.net or at Facebook Event: www.on.fb.me/LSPshow. Don’t miss the fun of discovering the Posey original that’s perfect for you or your home – at Get-’em-while-they’re-hot HOLIDAY SALE PRICES. Remember, art & jewelry make great gifts for yourself & for the lucky ones on your list! See you there!

Finding and Acquiring Linda's Artwork

Dimensions (image at right) placed 10th in the international Sell My Art! Contest on Facebook.
To my many voters, THANKS for your support! I couldn't have done it without you. While placing 10th may not sound like much, the contest had several hundred entries, so making the top ten is awesome.
To see more of my artwork, check the Art Gallery page and the Art Exhibits page. You can also view my art on my Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/linda.s.posey. For information on purchasing my work, contact me directly at LSPosey@earthlink.net.

Check Out Linda's Favorite Links

Follow Linda's blog on this website. Just click the Blog tab at the top of any page.

http://www.artistsaliveandwell.com/ -- Visit the artists support network Linda founded in 2007 -- leading the way for Houston-area artists to develop their careers with passion and confidence. Learn all about our member art exhibits at some of Houston's most prestigious office buildings and about our informative monthly meetings focused on marketing and career management for artists of all levels.

"What an awesome organization! It's great to hear about people (especially artists!) taking a 'what CAN we do' attitude instead of focusing on how horrible the economy is etc. etc. Linda is such a positive, talented and creative person, it doesn't surprise me that she would start an organization like this." -- Stephanie Troutner

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